This week we’re on the road. In the first half of the show Graham Farram is taking us on a journey from Eden to Bombala on a German wagon. Then we join Henry Lawson as he tries to escape through the river mouth of Malacoota on a small boat.

In the second half of the episode we’re off to Candelo to catch up with local Muso and teacher Sam Martin. Sam and his family have been a strong part of the creative community that is Candelo for 15 years. He tells me the current isolation situation has made a significant dent in his families weekly income.

Like many others in the region Sam had to explore other avenues to make the income lost by the isolation laws. Sam’s been busy creating saleable products out of materials otherwise destined for landfill and selling them on his website



As Sam says, there are a lot of artists not just around Candelo but nationally who would appreciate any support you can lend at the moment. The folks over at About Regional have been talking about this very issue this week too and have a few suggestions of Patron pages you can support, among others.

You’ll find more info about the Candelo Village Fair here. The fair is the brain child of the crew at Candelo Art Society. You might remember I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the Art Society was started with the love and support of the founders of Cowsnest.