This week Graham Farram is working through a collection of biographies. Among them is the story of the Peden family.

We also catch up with Clay Thistleton and Kim Falkenmire. Clay is a local creative writing teacher who offered a free course to those affected by the fires. Kim, along with Ros Kirby, has just completed a 12 week course which has resulted in a soon to be published Anthology of short stories and prose. In this conversation we look at positive impact that a creative outlet has on addressing the kind of trauma caused by events like the summer fires and Covid lockdown.

The Anthology Clay and the students produced is called ‘Seeing Nothing Beyond the Immediate’ and is available As an ebook here. The image used on this episode was taken by Kim and used with her permission. This and other images are included in the book.

This episode was broadcast on Edge FM on Sun September 13 and included

Hospital Beds – Cold War Kids

Dead Fox – Courtney Barnett

Looking For Water  – David Bowie

Dear River – Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo

1 2 3 4 – Feist