The Evershed Clock in Gipps St Bega

We’ve spoken previously on The Local Update about the important role Dr Evershed played in the history of the Bega Valley. With Remembrance day around the corner and covid restrictions playing havoc on any ceremonies it was nice to learn that Robyn Evershed the Great, Great Granddaughter of Dr Evershed was visiting Bega this week to donate some war medals to the Bega Pioneers Museum.

Arthur Clifford Evershed . Photo attribution Pat Raymond ‘Remembering Bega Valley Servicemen of WW1

Arthur Clifford Evershed was the middle son of Dr Evershed, who went off to France during the First World War having never married. Arthur, or Cliff as he was known, didn’t last long in the war. After his passing the family received what was known as a Death Penny, a medal in recognition of Cliffs service.

As is tradition the medals have been passed from eldest son to eldest son through the generations since Cliffs death, finally arriving with Robyn earlier in her life. Robyn tells me that younger generations don’t seem to engage with this kind of memorabilia. Concerned that these records of history may end up at the tip soon, Robyn has made the decision to leave these items in the hands of the Bega Historical society, as this was the town of Cliffs birth and the Evershed name is so significant to this community.

On hearing of Robyn’s intended visit the Historical Society decided to hold a ceremony to both, pay tribute to Cliffs service and, thank Robyn Evershed for the generous donation.

This weeks episode of the podcast is recorded live in the foyer of the Bega Pioneers Museum as the historical society looks at the life of Cliff Evershed and thanks Robyn for the kind donation



‘Death Penny’ medal in the name of Arthur Clifford Evershed

The medals were accepted on behalf of the museum by president Peter Rogers and former president Warren Davis. In recognition of the donation Robyn Evershed was given a copy of Pat Raymond’s book ‘Remembering Bega Valley Servicemen of World War 1’ and a framed picture of the memorial clock and the plaque in Dr Evershed’s name. On receiving the tokens of appreciation Robyn replied ‘well that’s very nice because the only pictures we have of the Dr or the memorial clock are from newspaper clippings.

Arthur Clifford Evershed’s Death Penny, Service medal and pocket size book of prayer will be professionally restored and mounted before being displayed in the Bega Pioneers Museum in the near future. The Evershed memorial clock is located on the corner of Gipps and Carp St in central Bega.

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