This week Graham is winding the clock way back. He’s returning to the story of newspapers in Bega and looking at the very first, The Bega Gazette. This paper was starting out in the mid 19th century, and the tale Graham tells is that of Bega’s business district in a stage of development with new building going up all over town

Also, in today’s episode, we meet Tim Whitaker. An unexpected encounter with an eel in the Bega River at Jellat Jellat piqued an interest for Tim which has become a passion he’s carried with him for years. 

We might catch up with Tim again in the future. I know he and Graham have had some fun in the past telling eel poems and stories, we might try and get them together some time. 

Tim is also one of the providers of the local NEIS scheme for new business developers on jobseeker payments. He runs an online business engagement tool a bit like the Innovation Hub we’ve spoken of before. We might talk to him about that work in the future.