Tbis week on the program we’re talking to Alexandra Seddon from Potoroo Palace. Potoroo Palace is a native wildlife sanctuary which, sadly, has been impacted pretty badly by the sudden downturn in tourism due to fires, floods and corona virus.

Whilst lots of us in these tourist communities have staff to think about if we shut our doors, Alexandra and the team at Potoroo have lots of mouths to feed in the form of injured (perhaps previously injured and unreleasable) wildlife.

As we do every week, we also catch up with Graham Farram. This week Graham is telling us about the life of Henry Parkes.



I’ve known Alexandra for a few years now and had the good fortune of learning a bit about her past. One can only hope there are more like her around to ensure this fantastic work continues into the future.

If you’d like to learn more about Cowsnest Community farm there’s plenty on their  Facebook page. Alternatively you can contact Anna on 0447578832. Alexandra is happy to talk to you about Potoroo or Cowsnest 0458036187

Potoroo Palace is currently seeking financial support in order to continue feeding their animals and operating into the future. You can donate here