On this week’s episode, Graham Farram looks at a 1920’s book reflecting on the development of the Princes Highway and rail network running between Bairnsdale, the Monaro and the Bega Valley.

Later in the episode. Think about the appliances you’ve thrown out recently, that printer or flat-screen TV, how many torn garments have you sent the tip? We’re looking at the concept of a repair cafe. You’ll find out about the service being provided, weekly, here in Bega



David Neyle is the coordinator of Bega’s Repair Cafe. The Cafe opens every Friday from 10am and is situated on Gipps St, next door to Bega’s courthouse.

The team at the repair cafe can help you with small appliances, clothing repairs and jewellery. While it is important to remember that the repair cafe is not an op shop, tip shop or dumping ground, it may be worth checking in with them if you have old appliances you are looking to get rid of as parts may be appreciated in some circumstances.