This week I hand the reigns back to Graham Farram, as I did in episode 16. Over the last few months Graham has been looking through ‘Picturesque Travel, Bairnsdale to Bega’ by W Stanley Vogt. This week he takes a look at the community of Pambula.

Later in the episode Graham is joined by Brian Smith. Bryan is a local personality about town, you’ll see him wander down the street, he looks like your quintessential country bloke wearing riding boots, bootleg jeans, a big belt buckle and a 10 gallon hat. Over the years Bryan has been involved in the local equestrian scene and represented Australia in clay target shooting. He tells graham some of the tales from his life.



Bryan Smith is a local leather worker, clay target shooter and horseman, he’s been based here in Bega for a number of years. He was talking there to Graham Farram.

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