This week Graham Farram tells the story of Mr Harris who went from Newspaper mogul to using his printing press technology to produce ice… frozen water that is

Later in the show I catch up with Hugh Pitty the convener of the Friends of The Glebe Park Lagoon to find out about the bat colony in the park.Over the last 20 years we’ve seen thousands of bats arrive in Glebe Park lagoon seasonally. Hugh tells me these Grey Headed Flying Foxes are responding to loss of habitat and it will only get worse. The Friends of Flying Foxes Facebook group follows the bats all up and down the east coast, you’ll find lots of great pics and  info on their site.


Correction – the bat counting working bees are held on the third FRIDAY of every month. If you would like details of how to get in to involved, I can pass on contact details for Hugh.

Hugh Pitty has been connected to the bat colony in Glebe park in Bega since he moved in over the road a number of years ago. Every month during the bat season Hugh works with a team of volunteers to track numbers in the park. He tells me the lagoon is an excellent base for the bats during their travels because the trees on the westerly side of the water offer both a cool breeze in the hot season and a warm updraft as the weather cools towards the end of their stay. Friends Of The Glebe Park Lagoon also run working bees on the first Saturday of the month year round.

This episode was broadcast on Edge FM on Sunday October 4 and included;

5am – Caitlin Harnett and the Pony Boys

Alone – San Sisco

To Call You Mine  – Lisa Caruso

I’ll Probably Be Asleep – Hachiku

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