This week on the program Graham is off to Lochiel to tell the story of George Trad… or was that Tradd?

I’m headed to Tathra where a group of determined locals have turned two years of discussions and paperwork into a soon to flourish community garden on the beach front. Jamie Shaw is the treasurer of the community group and he tells me the events around bushfires and covid have seen a growth in interest in people being actively involved in something in their community.



The upcoming community event surrounding this new garden development will take place on the proposed site, opposite the  surf club, from 1pm this Saturday September 5. You can find plenty of info about the group and the event on their facebook page at the link above.

This episode went to air on on Sunday sept 6 and included;

Droving Woman – originally by Kev Carmody. This version was performed by Augie March, Paul Kelly and Missy Higgins as a part of the tribute album Cannot Buy My Soul

Run – Ben Kweller

California Stars – Billy Bragg and Wilco

The Breach – Dustin Tebbutt 


Love U Forever  – Jenny Lewis