Fresh Tasmanian raspberries are one of the signature fruits of summer, but anyone checking the supermarket shelves this winter might be surprised to discover fresh Tasmanian fruit in the middle of winter.

Raspberry Holdings, which recently purchased the former strawberry greenhouses at Cambridge, has recently begun harvesting the first commercial sized crop of out of season raspberries.

The usual season for fresh raspberries runs from December until May, but Raspberry Holdings is planning to supply fruit during the off-season between June and November.

Mark Salter, the owner and manager of Raspberry Holdings, says that the fruit is doing very well in winter months.

“The fruit’s actually better quality and also better flavour and better colour.”

Mr Salter says the quality of fruit is achieved by growing in a controlled greenhouse environment.

“They don’t get wind and rain on them and we’re able to provide them with exactly what they want with a strict nutrient regime”.

After five years of research and trials, Raspberry Holdings is selling its first commercial harvest this year. It is hoped that this year’s harvest will be between six and seven tonnes.

Mr Salter says the raspberries are on the market at a viable time of year.

“There are not many around, in fact we are probably only one of maybe one or two growers in Australia that are growing this way, so therefor they’re at a premium at this time of the year” Mr Salter explains.

In this report: Mark Salter, owner and manager of Raspberry Holdings