That, my friends, was the gig of the year as far as the south coast goes. Beaten Bodies have grown so much in the 12 months since they were last at Murrah Hall. The rhythm section are an incredible team that hold together arguably the tightest band I’ve seen in a very long time. A mixture of a much better sound engineer and a hugely developed confidence in the little pocket rocket of a front woman mean that, this time around, her vocals were actually hitting you in the chest the way I’d suggested they should last time I saw them. The horn section’s call and response riffs bouncing off the keys player were a lot of fun and very funky, the addition of a backing vocalist who took centre stage for the last song and proved herself to be a very powerful vocalist too, made for a great gig. The highlight of the thing for me though was the connection between the bass player and the drummer who, as I said, made for one hell of a rhythm section.

If you get the chance to catch them during the rest of their tour I’d highly recommend you do so. In the mean time, this will give you a bit of an idea of what to expect.