Birds cause millions of dollars of damage to grain, horticulture crops, and vineyards, right across Victoria. Everyone has their own way of getting rid of the pests, probably the most popular way is to just shoot them.

But if you do decide to try something a bit different, how about a scarecrow? Merrill Bowlers from Great Western has been making scarecrows for years and says it’s about more than just the humble straw man in a paddock.

For the past ten years Mrs Bowlers has been entering Scarecrow making competitions around the western Wimmera region of Victoria and she’s known for the quirky characters she makes.

“I made Prince Charles in a kilt once and a fox in a red dress,” she said.

Mrs Bowlers entry in the Minyip Agricultural Show’s Scarecrow competition this year was Mortitia, a giant black cat wearing a Robin Hood hat and white sneakers.

she says she has decided now to move into mask making.

In this report: Merril Bowlers, Scarecrow maker