It’s official, I’m now confirmed to be heading to Fiji to work with Mix FM, a local community radio station. I’ve passed all the medical assessment and done my first aid certificate so I’m good to go. You wouldn’t believe how many needles I’ve had in the last couple of weeks. I’ve had 3 different lots of blood taken and I’ve had 10 different vaccinations… I reckon I might start leaking soon.

I’m headed to Fiji thanks to the Australian Governments ‘Australian Volunteers for International development’ program. #AVID sends thousands of volunteers into developing nations all over the world every year. I’m one of 103 volunteers heading into 13 different countries in this May intake alone. On May 15 there’s seven of us flying to Fiji together. The others are a community development officer for AFL Fiji, a communications officer for the Fijian office of Women and Children and a disability support teacher among others.

50 percent of Fiji’s population is Indian so there are three commonly spoken languages around town the local Fijian dialect, English and Hindi. This is going to present an interesting challenging for me in my work as I’m being asked to assists with the development of a hindi language station while I’m there.

You cam keep up with what I’m up to on twitter and on this site. I’ll add more as adventures start to take place. If you keep an eye on #fijisbestmix on social media you’ll see everything that the team and I get up to.