Today is World Radio Day, a celebration of all things radio industry related. Here in Australia stations from around the country took the opportunity to celebrate in all kinds of ways. Triple R in Melbourne used their Instagram account to show fans how things happen behind the scenes.

I started in radio when I was eight years old, at that point I was helping out a family friend on his Australian music show. When I was 12 the world changed for me, at the end of 1996 Triple J started broadcasting nationally into regional centers. I was obsessed, I made the decision then and there that I was going to work for them when I grew up

As a 16 year old I joined my local community station and had my own show every week. Honestly, I lived week to week waiting for that show, dragging myself through school just waiting to get in to the station. Right through uni I volunteered at SYN Media. Starting as a reporter for the current affairs program, Panorama, I worked my way up to the position of Executive Producer of the program.

The point I want to make here is, if I hadn’t been volunteering through the years then all the work I did at uni really wouldn’t have meant anything. Happy world radio day everyone