Some of you may not be aware but I recently packed my life up and moved across the country to take up  a new role in Adelaide. After two years in Fitzroy Crossing, in the Kimberley, I’ve taken up a job managing what’s referred to as a sub metro community station that services the northern suburbs. There’s another, much larger, story to come about the adventure Brendan Parker, Gus and I had getting to Adelaide.

For now though, I’ve been incredibly fortunate, over the last four years, to have been able to work with some amazing, remote indigenous media organizations. Prior to being in Fitzroy Crossing I spent 12 months in a tiny desert community called Irrunytju. Traveling across the desert, I worked with locals across the region to create new radio shows and maintain equipment.

The role I have taken in Adelaide is that of CEO of PBA FM. PBA has a very popular local indigenous program called the ‘Feel Good Nunga’ program. I sat in with presenter, Kel Rank, recently to tell him a bit about my experiences over the last few year.






You can catch Feel Good Nunga at 7pm on 89.7 PBA FM across the north of Adelaide or live across the globe via PBA FM online. Thanks heaps to Kel for the invite to join him