Yoga instructor, Jess Alchin, picked up life in the city and transplanted her and her husband to a country farm life earlier this year. photo credit Jess Alchin’s Facebook page

For many of us who grew up in regional Australia the attractions of country life might seem obvious. What is it though that draws someone who is city born and bred to pack up everything, move away from friends and family and start a new life in a small agricultural community like Wingham?

At the end of 2016 Jess and Luke Alchin sold everything and jumped on a plane to New York. From there they were to spend the next year visiting all the countries they had wanted to travel to at other times in their lives.

Jess says it was that journey that made her realize that she wasn’t ready to go back to life in the fast lane, with a career in banking and a hectic social life.

Having returned from their round the world jaunt the couple set about organizing their lives so that they could start to live the lives they were now ready to live. For Jess this meant training to become a yoga instructor and get her head around running her own business. For Luke, a city boy with a green thumb, a whole new world awaited; raising cattle, chooks and geese on a farm.