This week Graham Farram and I wandered over to Glebe Park Lagoon. The Bat colony that Hugh Pitty told us about a few weeks ago has well and truely arrived so we thought we’d take the opportunity to record bat poems with the bats in the background. Among the collection is a poem from the latest book by poet and writing teacher Clay Thistleton. You might remember, we spoke to Clay in episode 22

Also this week, I chat with Nathan Hughston. Nathan and his mate run a new business in Bega that prints 3D guitar bodies. While it seems like a pretty logical thing to do to create a basic, plastic, electric guitar body, Nathan tells me they are now moving into the idea of printing hollow body acoustic instruments. This small, local, business is getting some real traction on the national stage as they are one of only a handful doing anything like this.

Nathan Hughston is a Bega based guitarist and guitar tech. He has been 3D printing and building electric guitars for a couple of months now and he says he’s excited by future opportunities he can see in this field. 

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