If you live in the country, there’s a fair chance your dog might be more than just a pet. It could be a working dog or your best mate.

Stuart Nichols is a charter fishermen in Eagle Hawk Neck on the peninsula and he’s got an unlikely farm dog.

Nelson is a Pomeranian Shitsu Cross who apparently has a bit of an issue with men.

Mr Nichols admits he thinks he’s a bit of an odd dog for a fisherman to own, but he makes a great companion for the family.

He says he had an old Red Healer who used to head out on the boat with him regularly.

“She got a bit sea sick the first few times but she soon found her sea legs. It’s pretty common for recreational fisherman to take their dog out on the boat for the day,” he says.

In this report: Stuart Nichols, fisherman, Eagle Hawk Neck, Tasmania