Most of you know that, when I’m not run off my feet with work and moving across the country from job to job, I’m a mad keen cyclist. Moving to The Kimberley, and living on a major highway, hasn’t exactly got me motivated to get out on the bike very often. I’ve been out and about a couple of times and I hope to build my confidence, interest and fitness over time.

When I was moving to Fitzroy Crossing I had to spend two weeks in qurantine in Perth. Sitting in a hotel room, killing time, I found myself, like most of us, trawling the web spending money on random things. Among my purchases, however, was the absolute gem of a Genesis touring bike pictured on the front of this post. 

Over the last couple of years I’ve been weighing up my options about getting rid of one or both of my bikes and finding a decent touring bike. I was blown away when sitting in quarantine this bike comes up for sale, all racks, bags, mirrors etc included for a third of the expected price.

This beauty is sitting in my mums garage on the south coast of NSW waiting for me to get home one day and take it on an adventure. In the meantime I think I’ve watched every touring bike adventure youtube channel in existence. My head is full of dreams and adventures. 

A couple of months after I landed here I spotted James and Libby from Gearing Down resting in the shade at the Willare Roadhouse. A young couple in their late 20’s, early 30’s they’d ridden out of Melbourne in February with the mission of riding a complete loop of Australia.

While they were here, Libby and James, kept talking about this thing called Warm Showers. I’d never heard of it but, after looking into it, I decided to get involved. Since then I’ve accomidated three couples and individuals. 

After James and Libby were Paula and Donna, the couple from regional Victoria. These two have taken a year out to ride the loop over 12 months. Riding E-Bikes, they’re towing bike trailers carrying full size solar panels and pretty much everything including the kitchen sink. 

Kerry and Scott are kiwi’s (well, he’s Scottish) who are kind of doing half the lap. Starting in Melbourne they rode the Stuart highway into central Aus. Spent a couple of days at Uluru and then on to Katherine and into WA from there. 

This week I had a visit from Maree from 10 Desert Challenge. From the first minute, we just clicked. We bounced off each other and raved about life, politics, mental health and the world. Two amazing days with someone who could be a lifelong friend. 

Maree has set herself the awesome goal of riding the 10 desert tracks across Australia over a five month journey. She takes on this challenge on her fat tyre bicycle called ‘Banjo.’  The challenge will take 139days.

Her route covers 10 tracks including the Birdsville Track, Oodnadatta Track, Stuart Highway, Red Centre Way, Great Central Highway, Marble Bar Rd, Great Northern Highway, Tanami Track, Old Ghan Heritage Rail Trail, and the Simpson Desert Crossing (via Rig Rd and Ki Line). From Wiluna to Halls Creek via Marble Bar Rd and Great Northern Highwat. She does this whole challenge as a fundraiser for beyond blue. You can donate to support her here and read all about her adventure at the link above. 

I’m looking forward to meeting more amazing people out on their big cycling adventure and one day heading out on my own big ride. If you’re on the great northern highway, give me shout if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Fitzroy Crossing.