This week on The Local Update Graham heads back to Bermagui to look at a couple of the famous characters from the history of that community. Later he return to the Davidson family to read a powerful piece written by Alice Otton.

This week we celebrated World Mangrove Day and it just so happens that we have mangrove expert visiting the region. Jock Mackenzie is the director of Mangrove Watch, a citizen science organisation that gets community members working to look after the mangroves in their region.

Jock tells me that this Bega Valley region is significant because Merimbula is the most southerly recorded location of River Mangroves. That makes it the most southerly point to have more than one kind of mangrove growing in its waterways.


 If you’d like to look at setting up a Mangrove watch group in this community then don’t hesitate to get in contact with Jock at the website above. Jock is a regular visitor to this region and I’m sure he’d be happy to work with any group that is set up. You can find Mangrove Watch on all the social media sites, I’ve linked to their accounts from mine. 

This episode broadcast on Edge FM on Sunday August 16 2020 and included

Hell and High Water  – Sal Kimber and the Rolling Wheel

Star – Luluc


Any Three Chords – Mia Dyson