This week on The Local Update Graham Farram returns to the history of Bega Primary School, the local newspapers and the life of early settlers to the region.

Later in the episode we’re back in the garden. This time we’ll catch up with Julie Davies and Geoffrey Grigg from the Saphire Coast Producers Association (SCPA). In the coming weeks the seed Savers associated with SCPA are going to run a collection drive, asking locals to contribute seedlings to assist those who lost their gardens in the recent fires. You’ll learn plenty more about that and how you can help in this weeks episode.



If you’d like more info about the SCPA you can find that at the link above. You’ll find details of where and when the seed savers event is taking place here.

The SCPA producers market starts again on Friday June 19. You’ll find plenty of info about those events, held in Littleton Gardens, on their website and social media accounts.

If you would like to be considered for a delivery of seeds then you can speak to your local bushfire recovery team in your south coast community, those groups will be coordinating the distribution of collected seeds. If you’ve got seeds of any kind that you think might be appreciated by community members then you can look at getting involved in the Seed Savers group, you’ll find info about that on the SCPA website as listed above.