Where do you think your electricity comes from? Coal, Wind, Solar? how about house hold garbage?

Irena Bukhstaber from the Australian Clean Energy Council said the council hope to have a percentage of all electricity produced from sustainable Bio Energy by 2020.

The electricity is produced by burning waste on farms or even land fill or sewage. Mrs Bukshtaber said that at present less than 1 percent of our electricity comes from Bio Energy. The Clean Energy Council hope to see at least 4 percent of the nations electricity produced by Bio Energy by 2020 and hopefully twenty or thirty percent by 2050.

Mrs Bukshtaber suggested that Bio energy is a secure, constant, source of power and we need to see education amongst the general public, as well as big business, into the opertunities surounding this sustainable resource.

“As long as you have the fuel source then you can make energy day or night…for free”. Mrs Bukshtaber said.

In this report: Irena Bukshtaber; manager, communications, Australian Clean Energy Council.