Radio is, and has always been, my passion. Starting out in Community media in my home town, Bega, on the South Coast of NSW, I’ve known from a very young age that radio is where I will spend my life. With an ever growing technical base for my industry, I set this site up as a space for me to share the work I do.

I hope that this will encourage me to work in a range of fields and do as much work as possible. Despite starting out with a strong determined belief that I would work only in audio I’m becoming more and accepting of and interested in the blending of audio, video, print and photography in multimedia story telling in this online environment.

In recent times I’ve had my work aired on Radio National, The Wire and ABC Open.

I’m currently producing a weekly podcast called The Local Update looking at local issues and events from around the Bega valley. You’ll find all the episodes there or, of course, you can subscribe to the RSS feed here

In 2016 I spent eight months in Fiji training the staff of Mix FM. More recently I’ve been at 2BOB Radio in Taree as their Program Manager. I spent most of 2019 working as the Radio Manager of NG Media  based in Irrunytju in Remote WA